Ladies Golf Shoes - Are They Necessary?

Ladies golf shoes are not only stylish and comfy, but they can help your game (in case you needed justification to buy another pair of shoes). Golf shoes give you traction, keep you balanced and help prevent slipping during your swing. Not to say you can't play a good round in a pair of tennis shoes, but if its at all damp, you're going to want those golf shoes.

Golf shoes, in my humble opinion, have really improved over the years. Many of the women's golf shoes on the market are really quite fashionable. They now come in a variety of colors and some look just like everyday athletic shoes (remember when the only choice was the saddle shoe?). You can even wear golf sandals now, which keep your feet comfy and cool, but still keep you from slipping during your swing.

How do you find the perfect pair of golf shoes? Well, for me, I go for looks. Hate to admit that, but its the truth and I'm guessing that's how most ladies choose their golf shoe. Nike, Ecco, FootJoy, Puma and a number of other brands have done a great job of designing beautiful, comfortable golf sandals or shoes for the golfin' gal.

Do you have to spend a fortune on shoes? Well, depends on who you ask. Golf specific shoes can be outrageously expensive. You can go crazy spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of golf shoes, but I personally don't have the budget for that and I'm guessing many other golf gals don't either. You can search for deals on eBay or look for discontinued or close out sales to find a good price.

But it is worth it to invest in a decent pair of golfing shoes, especially if you golf a lot.

Now, with that said, I must share a funny story. I recently played in a golf tournament with my sister-in-law. She's a really good golfer and has been playing since she was a kid. We get in the golf cart and I noticed she didn't have any shoes on. I asked her where her shoes were and she said "oh, I play barefoot".

I laughed out loud. Here I'm writing about how a good pair of shoes will help your game and she golfs barefoot (and is much better then me!). She said to me, "you should try it". So I did. I took off my shoes around the 9th hole and tried playing barefoot.

I ended up putting my shoes back on at the next hole. I'm not really a barefoot kind of girl - especially on the golf course. But I found al ot of humor in this, because when it comes down to it, you have to do, and wear, what works for you!

By Susan Osborne