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Caring for Your Vintage Shoe Collection

Once you've purchased your vintage shoes, it's important to know how to care for and display these new treasures. First, be sure to know what decade your shoes were made, as the older the shoe (1930s-1960s) the more likely the rubber and glue used in construction can become brittle and lose its adhesiveness. To be sure your vintage shoes are at their best, look for cracks or crumbling in the rubber heels or soles. These heels are easily replaceable at any shoe repair shop. Be sure to do this quickly as the rubber will only continue to crumble over time.

A less likely problem to be fixed can be found in the glue sometimes used to keep the sole of a shoe attached to its upper. To check for this problem, bend the sole to check for cracking or shifting. If you notice the adhesive on your vintage shoe is drying away or becoming brittle, this can be easily fixed with shoe repair glue. Do not use craft glue as it is not strong enough for use on shoes. Leather shoes can lose their moisture as they age, leading to tearing. To avoid this problem, use saddle soap to keep your leather shoes moist.

To remove excess moisture from leather shoes, place newspaper in the shoes. As the leather dries, buff out any moisture lines with a soft cloth. Lastly, vintage fabric shoes are most likely to show damage and fraying. To stop these frays in their tracks, use a product called Fray-Check which will stop the damage from continuing.

Beyond caring for the exterior of the shoes, it is important to be able to be comfortable. Walk around inside in your shoes before taking them to the streets. Get comfortable in them and see if there is anything you need to replace or enhance. One thing that can make your shoes more comfortable and extend their life is a foam insert, which will give more support to a possibly worn down heel as well as freshen the interior of the shoe.

If your vintage collection is more for admiration than daily use, there are numerous creative ways to display your treasures. The vintage shoe devotee can use bookshelves, shadow boxes or even racks to display their finds. If your shoes are particularly old and/or costly it is important to keep them as safe as possible and away from any pollutants such as dust and sunlight. The best way to do this is through the use of a glass curio cabinet. In this way, you can display your beautiful shoe collection, while keeping them away from clumsy hands as well as dirt and dust.

By Mike Alvarez

Practical Guidelines for Maintaining Your Leather Shoes

Why is it so important and necessary to protect and maintain leather shoes? If you have the awareness that leather is skin, you may take care of the leather shoes as careful and lovingly as you care about your own skin. Without appropriate conditioning and care, leather would dry out and even crack and fall apart. You will never want to have it on your feet. Though many people are pleased to invest in shoe polishing products when their shoes look dim and shabby, it is still necessary to give some specific instructions on how to apply these polish products properly and what should do to condition your shoes with these products.

Qualified shoes should be cleaned and polished regularly, at least once a month. As for those you wear often, clean and polish them whenever necessary. So as to clean the shoes, soapy water and a soft cotton cloth should be used for wiping away the excess. Then a leather cleaner made specifically for smooth leathers, such as saddle soap or a smooth leather shoe cleaner, can be applied all over the shoes, both inside and outside. Then clear away the excess again. This will enable you to clear scuffs and other minor stains out of your shoes. After cleaning, according to the package directions, keep the shoes sit for a few minutes so as to let it dry. And then, you can gently wipe the shoes by using another dry and soft cotton cloth.

When your shoes are clean, you should keep a good condition for them to help the leather pliable, soft and moisturized. Choose a proper conditioning product specially made for leather shoes, and take small amounts of it into the shoes till it covers the entire surface of the shoes. It would take some time for the conditioner to soak into the leather. After that, clear out the excess conditioner left on the shoes since the leather can only absorb what it can.

Before polishing the shoes, you should take a good choice of shoe polishes. Most polishes contain four essential premixed elements: wax, pastes, creams and liquids. They may make the leather glossy and protect it from moisture which can seep into the leather and damage it deeply. You'd better use a leather conditioner before applying shoe polishes in order to maintain the quality of the leather. In this phase, you should pay attention to apply shoe polishes in a well-ventilated area so as to avoid overexposure to chemical fumes. After applying shoe polishes, let the shoes dry, and then you should apply a waterproofing product to protect the shoes. Finally, bush the shoes with a soft and dry cotton cloth.

Only if you take these efforts to care for leather shoes regularly and properly, can they maintain their best look and last for a long time.

By Belinda Wang

Cheerleader Costumes: Rah, Rah, Me!

The Queen of Halloween was never a cheerleader in high school, but she certainly has donned the short skirt and shook her pom-poms a time or two, believe it. Whether you were too shy in school, not interested or better yet, too busy on the sports field yourself, it's never too late to pull on cheerleader costumes and be your peppy best. So, grab your spirit, your best costume and of course pom-poms in your school colors and you are ready to go.

Cheerleader costumes can be a sweet way to remember your past or a hot way to raise your mate's er, ahem...spirit. The choice that you make will depend on where you are going, how many people are going to be there and of course you own confidence level. We know that the Queen of Halloween is quite confident in herself (ask about the Lady Godiva costume some time, if you dare.), but other ladies may not be so brave or bold. Make sure that you are going to be comfortable in your costume or you will not enjoy the party or event and you will ruin the mood for yourself and for everyone else. No matter what costume you are wearing, in fact, no matter what you are wearing at all, every day of the year, every month and every week- your best accessory, the best makeup and the best start is always your own sense of self pride and your beaming smile. Wear it proudly honey, it will make everything else look better.

The top of most cheerleader costumes is a sweater, typically with a school emblem, logo or letter on the front. To be authentic and for a little boost of sex appeal, make sure it is a little snugger than you would normally wear but not so tight that you look like it shrunk when it was put on. Wear your hair in ponytails and add in little ties, again in your school colors if you would like.

The bottom part of the cheerleader costume is the pleated skirt, usually in a fairly daring length. Some of the official ones have a fitted panty attached so that you are still covered when doing cartwheels and jumps. (Word of caution ladies, if you are over thirty and have not done a cartwheel in fifteen years or more, the cheerleader costume will not imbue special powers on you. Nothing says painful like a snapped wrist and a dejected, older cheerleader.) The best shoes are white athletic shoes, although saddle shoes look really cute as well. Wear charming knee socks and your cheerleader costume is ready to go.

By Christine A Shoemark

School Girl Costumes for Adults - Do You Have the Moxie To Wear This Costume on Halloween

School girl costumes for adults are definitely costumes that will make you stand out at your Halloween party this year. This tantalizing costume will likely be worn by those who have confidence and are self assured.

Not everyone will want to wear this type of costume. It takes a bit of courage to reveal so much.

These provocative, sexy costumes have been redesigned and updated to entice the imagination. Their popularity sky rocketed when Two and A Half Men ran an episode last year. Charlie and Alan's mother, Evelyn, answered her front door wearing a school girl costume. Needless to say the interpretation did not need any words.

This type of Halloween outfit or costume brings back memories of the early sixties and the days of catholic school and the catholic school uniform. White blouses with peter pan collars, wool pleated skirts and matching sweaters. White knee high socks and saddle oxford shoes finished off the uniform.

How it all evolved into the sexy school girl costumes of today is anybody's guess. But these costumes are very popular, maybe because it is hard to find a Halloween costume that allows a woman to be shapely and attractive. After all, dressing up as a clown or a witch is hardly a sexy outfit.

Naughty or nice, these school girl Halloween costumes are sure to be noticed at any Halloween function. If you are the bold and daring type this would be the costume you need to wear this Halloween. Depending on what look you are going for, there is a school girl Halloween costume for you. These preppie costumes come in a wide variety of sizes, so just about anyone can wear one.

Most of these Halloween costumes come complete with top and skirt. A few of these costumes are actually reversible, so you can have two outfits. Your accessories should include knee-high socks or tights with high heel Lady Jane shoes for the sexy look or saddle oxfords for the traditional look. Most costume shops online feature other accessories that you might want to purchase.

Try to complete your look by doing something fun with your hair style too. Try doing pony tails or pig tails tied up with bows. There are several videos online that can give you ideas on how to do your hair. Add rosy red cheeks and you will look the part of a school girl.

School girl costumes for adults will make your Halloween costume this year be one that everyone will remember.

By Barbara Maxwell

Stylish and Comfortable Women's Golf Shoes

If you are a women and golfing is your game, then you know how important it is to find a pair of stylish and comfortable women's golf shoes. You not only want to play the best you can, you want to look good doing it! And, a pair of the right shoes will help you reach your golfing goals. All you have to do is find a pair that catches your eye and fits your pocketbook to a "tee".

Now that there are more women playing golf, the accessory market has expanded to include many wonderful women's golfing articles. This is especially true with golf shoes as they are one of the most important things for a golfer to have. Shoes for women have been improved immensely in both quality and style. Specialized shoes for women have good traction and spikes that hold firmly onto the ground. Women's shoes are both feminine and are made for comfort and durability.

Lady golfers like to have a variety of colors and styles available for them when they are on the golf course. That is why many manufacturers make their golf shoes affordable so that women can buy more than one pair. That way they can coordinate their shoes with their other golfing attire. This gives them a change of pace and makes them look good playing the game that they love!

Many manufacturers of ladies golf shoes make unique designs, giving you a huge variety to choose from. No longer do you have to buy old-fashioned saddle-type shoes. Innovative designs and beautiful colors are yours just for the asking. You can find shoes from passionate pink to basic white - whatever color you want, you're bound to find it!

It's likely that in addition to being fashionable on the golf course, you want to be comfortable as well. Today's women's shoes give you just that. They come with excellent arch support to protect your feet and good traction on their soles to keep you on your feet. They are made especially to work well in the outdoors and to keep you standing on slippery golf courses.

By Matt Murren

Poodle Skirts and Petticoats

Poodle skirts allow you the chance to show off your femininity. They are fashionable and unique. These skirts are hands down one of the most beautiful items that women wear.

They are full circle skirts. Teenagers and adults can pull off this style very easily. Children also love them as well. Poodle skirts are great hits for swing dances and sock hops because of the skirt style. They are the best skirts for spinning.

They hit their most popular era during the 50s. The younger crowd loved to wear theirs to school and dances. Teenagers always love wearing ultra fashionable styles and then changing them slightly to fit their own unique tastes.

Poodle skirts are named poodle skirts because of the popular poodle applique that was on many of the skirts. Poodle skirts were usually made out of felt. Felt was a good, inexpensive material and was fairly easy to use and sew.

French poodles may have been the most popular applique, but they were not the only ones used on them. There were other appliques, such as music records and telephones, that were also popular choices. Some people even had catchy phrases put on their skirts.

Crinoline petticoats were needed with their skirts to lift them up and add volume and shape to the poodle skirts. Crinoline petticoats are made out of netting that is starched so it will flare out more. Crinoline petticoats were a popular choice during the 50s and continue to be a popular choice today.

Other popular choices during the 50s were women wearing chiffon scarves in their ponytails. Saddle shoes were another popular item. They usually wore the saddle shoes with white cotton socks. A drawback with black and white oxford shoes is that they require frequent polishing.

Malt and soda shops were also popular places during the 50s. Teenage boys and girls loved to go there and listen to the great music of the time on a jukebox. Even though the 1950s have faded away, their wonderful memories will always be with us - as will their outfit choices.

By JJ Storms

The Smartest Man I Know

I learned most of what I know about people and relationships from a master. I've always thought of him as "The Smartest Man I Know" -for his ability to make people laugh and to build a relationship faster than anyone I have ever met. His name is Walt Zastawa.

We met many years ago when I went to a night club to hear a great "oldies" band. The band members were fantastic entertainers and communicators and I remember wondering what they did for their "day jobs." One of the acts included a set where two of four men band members dressed in drag in poodle skirts, Bobbie socks and saddle shoes. I was seated at a table on the floor and "got lucky" when one of the "girls" sat on my lap to sing to me.

About a month later that same guy walked into the 3M branch I managed looking for a sales job. It was Walt Zastawa and the rest has been a wonderful history of laughter, sales success, some tears and the best friendship you could imagine.

Over the years I have seen Walt walk into an office or a restaurant or anyplace you can think of and have the people there laughing and enjoying themselves so much they just want to be around him. He has a gift for knowing just what to say to people to make them smile - smiles that usually turn into belly laughs that bring tears to your eyes within minutes after making his acquaintance. He is the perfect example of the phrase "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

I could tell you about many of Walt's successful accomplishments in sales. But, it would probably be more appropriate to tell you about his success in life. I don't know a man or woman who has more people who call him a friend. In this age when we can count on one hand or less the number of people we know are true friends, Walt, no doubt has the distinction of having that title with hundreds of people. And, thousands more people have had their lives touched by him in a positive way. They come from all walks of life; the rich and powerful, those who have nothing, those who have had it and lost it and those who most people walk by and never notice. He's reached out to all of them or was there when they just needed a place to stay or a non-judgmental ear.

I've seen his "process" of meeting someone new and beginning a relationship many times and each time I marvel at the magic he weaves. I was going to describe the process myself, but I thought I'd pick up the phone and ask Walt how it works. First, he laughed and asked me if I was serious. I told him I was and so he thought about it and said, "I just like people." He said he laughs at himself a lot and he tries to get people to laugh at themselves and not take themselves so seriously. He told me that I should ask Becky, his wife of 40 some years.

Now here are Becky Zastawa's thoughts about what makes Walt - Walt.

"Hi Bob! Walt told me about your questions about what makes him the person he is. Here's my perspective:

He is what he is without pretense. He truly doesn't care whether or not you have money, fame, or power--he'll treat you the same whether you are the guy who washes his car or the 4 star general who visits him. He never "needed" the fans or local fame from playing in the band--he really enjoyed himself and in doing so, made others enjoy him too. When it wasn't fun anymore, he quit playing publicly, but has never stopped "entertaining" everyone who is around him.

He is the true middle child--he had to stand out to get attention and he certainly found a way. He stuttered as a child and became the "class clown" in defense. Once he made the other kids laugh, he never stopped. What he has cannot be bottled, copied or even picked apart. He is really the same guy I met over 45 years ago. Experiences have changed him very little--he still wants to please, wants to entertain and make you laugh, and wants to make you his friend, I think that's what people feel when they meet him and that's what makes him unforgettable.

Bob, you might not realize it but you do the same thing, only your forte is "one on one". You look the person in the eye and make it seem you're hanging on every word. You make that person feel they are, for that moment, the most important one in the room. You focus on what they want or need and try to find a way for them to have it. When I've seen you "work a room", you are at your best with one or two people at a time and you have them in the palm of your hand in minutes. You and Walt have many similarities which is why you've enjoyed each other so much and are so close--you just approach people differently to get the same results."

I wasn't going to leave the last paragraph in this article because this isn't about me. But, I changed my mind. I changed it because I know that prior to meeting Walt over 25 years ago; I wasn't the person Becky describes. Therefore, Becky's comments say so very much more about Walt than they do about me.

I started this article by saying I learned most of what I know about people and relationships from a master. I'll end it by thanking him one more time for being my friend.

By Bob Poole

Nike Women's Golf Shoes - Reviews of the Best Ladies Golf Shoes of 2011

If you are looking to buy Nike women's Golf Shoes, make sure to read the reviews and the ratings first. There are now a lot of golf footwear for ladies today because the number of female golfers has also increased. Whether you go for the style or the features of the shoe, it is important that you should pick your top 3 and make an intensive research. It is also helpful that you look for great deals and discounts as there are a lot on the Internet.

Review of the New and Bestselling Nike Women's Golf Shoes

2011 Nike Women's Air Embellish Golf Shoes

If you are a woman who loves golf and has an incredible taste for style, then 2011 Nike Women's Air Embellish is perfect for you. This shoe is fully customizable with interchangeable saddle straps that come if four different colors so that you can coordinate your shoes with your outfit. But if you think this shoe is all about looks, then you are wrong. It is made up of water-resistant full-grain leather and has good stability. You can get this shoe on discount in selected websites.

2011 Nike Women's Delight Golf Shoes

This golf footwear is well-known for its stabilizing platform and water-resistant upper. It features a full-length Phylon midsole and integrated spike system. Although not flashy or very trendy, this shoe is very durable and comfortable. There have been issues about its poor grip by some users. This shoe is also wide on the front and provides a big room for your toes. This shoe is a must-have considering its features and price.

Nike Women's Air Dormie II Golf Shoes

Stylish and comfortable are the two things that best describe these Nike women's golf shoes. It provides good balance and weight transfer thanks to its Nike Power Platform Flex. You should consider ordering half a size bigger because this shoe runs small. Its price is lower if you buy one on e-commerce sites.

Nike Ladies Air Summer Lite III Golf Shoes

This shoe is perfect if you are playing during the hot summer days because it is highly breathable. There is also no problem when you are playing on a wet course as it dries up quickly. It is very stable and has very good traction because of its Nike Power Platform outsole with Phylite and Integrated Traction. Golf players who have used it are amazed on how comfortable and lightweight it is.

By Glenn Simons

Great Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Adult Halloween costume ideas are sometimes hard to come by. Whether you are looking for a costume for a party with family and friends or are going to a local night club, chances are you will want a unique, fun and easy to come by costume. Many times, adults want to enter into costume contests where there they can often win cash prizes. Therefore, adults generally want a unique costume.

Adult Halloween costume ideas can go above and beyond what could be worn as a child. The costumes can often be a bit sexier and sometimes can even be very controversial. One of the most popular adult costumes, which a child cannot pull off, is a nun who is pregnant. For this costume, you will need to invest in pillow and habit. If you are going as a couple, your significant other could go as a priest.

When considering adult Halloween costume ideas try and think out of the box. For instance you could easily dress up as a "one night stand". For this costume you would need a cardboard box, painted to look like a night stand. Your head would poke out of the top. On your head you would need to wear a lamp shade, to make it look like you are a lamp sitting on the night stand. You could also glue items such as a book or pair of glasses to the top of the night stand.

Another great adult Halloween costume idea comes straight from the 50s. Women could dress up in a poodle skirt, tight fitting sweater and saddle shoes. A man could slick his hair back and throw on a white t-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled in one of the sleeves. In order to complete the outfit, a man would need a pair of black boots. A black leather coat will add that extra special touch to the costume.

If you are going out as a group and are looking for some great adult Halloween costume ideas, you may want to consider the characters from the Wizard of Oz or Scooby Doo. For the Wizard of Oz each person would pick a character and dress like them. For example, if you chose to be Dorothy, you would need some a white shirt with puffy sleeves and a blue and white checkered jumper, with a matching bow for your hair. You will also want a small wicker basket that will hold "Toto".

If you are looking for a more original adult Halloween costume idea, consider doing a "Hillbilly Wedding". For this, you will need a bride (preferably a young one). Have the bride dress in a short white "wedding" dress. For an added touch, make the bride look like she is pregnant. For a bouquet, consider a potted flower. The groom can wear a pair of bib overalls with a suit jacket. You will also need a bridesmaid (who can wear a puffy dress from the 80s). If you have enough people, someone could dress up as the "Father of the bride". For this, you will want a pair of bib overalls as well. In order to complete his ensemble, have him carry a pretend shot gun. You can't forget to add "hillbilly teeth" to the costumes.

In order to come up with some adult Halloween costume ideas, be sure to use your imagination. You do not have to spend a lot of money to come up with a costume that is sure to have your friends taking a second glance. When trying to come up with some adult Halloween costume ideas, be sure to think out of the box.

By Peter Rayner

Sandals: Affordable Men's Casual Shoes

Over the past few years the definition of men's casual attire has become much wider. If you ask someone about the casual dressing you will probably hear this means donning a cozy pair of sweats for the day. It hardly matters whether the causal dresses mean but these surely include the dresses wearing that you look good in a nonchalant way; not sloppy, but attractive and comfortable. But how can you go perfect without having a pair of casual shoe with your casual dress? So, this is your chance to add new definition to your style with men's casual shoes.

A wide variety of options are available in the market for men's casual shoes. When it comes to the choices of casual footwear you will get number of choices in sandals, slippers, flip flops, shoes, sneakers, loafers and what not. All these casual footwear are meant for pairing with all types of casual dresses like the jeans, trousers, cords, khakis and chinos.

What goes with what?

Actually, casual shoes come in the market to be suited to all occasions. It all depends on your lifestyle. When you are going out as a businessman, you are sure to pick up your formal shoe. But when you are going out on a sporty mission, you would want some sort of athletic or joggers. Slip ons can also be suited for the casual occasions. Slip ons are perfect for putting on or taking off very quickly. These men's casual shoes come in form of clogs, sporty shoes and the leather shoes. They come in athletic features with bright colors, breathable fabric and stripes.

You can also opt for the loafers. Loafers go with anything. They go nice with business suits, sports jackets and sweaters. So, if you own one pair of brown loafer and one pair of black loafer then that would go suitable with many of your dresses.

Flip Flops are also good choice of casual shoes. These are comfortable, inexpensive and lightweight. They came into style many years ago. These are good for wearing but they are not long lasting. They are perfect for beach walk and if you want smart casual form of footwear with a fashionable look then you can certainly have a pair of flip flops.

Sandals are the most common, comfortable and resilient forms of footwear. Sandals can be made from any type of materials including the leather, hessian or hemp. Sandals come in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit the individual needs. Sturdy with buckles are very trendy among the sandals. Buckles provide strength to the sandals. Some sandals also have adjustable snug to fit nicely to the wearer.

Lace Up Shoe is yet another type of casual shoe. These also come in a wide variety of choices and designs. They come in cushioned soles too. These provide support and add smartness to your dress up. Sketchers can be worn by both men and women. These are almost like the sneakers with slight differences.

If you are not in office or out on a formal occasion, you can always wear men's causal shoes just as your second skin. The very idea of men's casual shoes is to ensure comfort and ease. So if your wardrobe is light on numbers when it comes to casual footwear, you need to beef up your inventory, because if you are the kind who likes to relax after hectic work schedule, you definitely need casual shoes.

By Aubree Smith

Great Cycling Clothing

Have you ever thought what to wear when out cycling, whatever the weather?

It's wet and windy outside, but don't let that put you off cycling. Ok, so it can be hard work when heading straight into a head wind, but if you have the right clothing, at least you'll be warm and dry and what harm can a bit of fresh rain do anyway.

What you could do is try some quality cycle clothing such as the OZZO range from here in the UK.

The OZZO range of cycling clothing covers everything from tip to toe, such as warm wooly hat, short and long sleeved jerseys, cycling shorts for warmer weather, base layers for the colder weather and right down to neoprene overshoes to keep your feet warm and dry.

They also supply excellent gloves and mitts - if fact, everything you need to enjoy a few hours out on the bike.

In addition, their own range of cycle tools are available, should you feel inclined to do that bit of maintenance, add a few extras, or just keep your cycle in good clean working order. And what's more, these tools, although very reasonably priced are the real thing, sturdy workshop quality. The usual cleaners and chain lubricants are available, along with special cycling grease.

If you are out and about and unlucky enough to have a puncture, there are some rather neat puncture repair kits available, which do not take up a lot of room in the under saddle bag (and yes, they also have a range of saddle bags and handle bar bags in the OZZO range. Don't forget the all important pump. Or you could consider buying some puncture resistant tyres, if these are not your cup of tea, why not stock up on your choice of tyre from our varied range.

Safety is also key, time to buy a new helmet? Then also stock quality helmets. Be seen be safe, ensure you have good lights and reflective stickers to attach to your helmet, shoes or saddle bag.

Serious about cycling, take part in events, or just want to be prepared? Special massage creams are ideal for cold days, warm days, helping with fatigue or keeping out the water.

Energy drinks are good not only for giving you energy but all important hydration. Try the new gel sachet, ideal for giving 20 to 30 minutes energy without the need for water. Speaking of water, take a look at our range of bottles.

Too cold to ride outside? Don't let that be a reason not to ride, Ride4Fun have a selection of indoor trainers and rollers to keep you fit whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Not a cyclist yourself, but know someone who is? Ride4Fun also have gift vouchers available for that all important present.

Prefer riding a motorcycle? Base layers are excellent on cold days. How about horse riding? Cold winter days can be much more pleasant with a soft Merino Wool base layer to keep you snug. Try the mitts whilst mucking out the stables, ideal to keep you hands warm but still give flexibility.

By David E Smedley

Get Up and Go for a Ride in Costumes

For those who like to get things going, Go For a Ride Day happens every November 22nd. Whether you have a destination in mind or are just floating along with the breeze, this low stress holiday is great for the whole family. Take a car, take a bus, take a motorcycle, take a plane or any other means of conveyance on this special day of transportation. Plus, why not dress in a costume to match your chosen mode of movement?!

If you plan to ride on horseback, pick a cowboy costume and giddy-up and go. A pair of denim dungarees and a plaid western shirt makes a great start, then just add cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a bright red bandana. For a cute kid's costume, there are darling ride-on cowboy costumes that make the child look like he's riding a horse that's wrapped around his middle.

Cruise up to the hamburger drive-in in a big-finned convertible, top down and friends hanging out. Girls can dress up in poodle skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes while the boys can go rebel-style in motorcycle jackets and slicked back black hair. Go greased lightening, go - you'll be burning up the boulevard.

Boat riders have a several choices to make waves on Go For A Ride Day. Suit up in a Navy costume with the signature white deck pants, sailor shirt and cap or go as a "Jersey Shores" guy with spiky hair, a faux tan with painted on "abs" and gold chains. A fisherman costume, a water skier costume or a tacky tourist coming off a cruise ship all make other good costumes to wear on your boat ride.

If you're ready to blast off in a rocket, today's your day. An astronaut costume style just like the real ones at NASA will make any aspiring spaceman feel super. Who knows where you'll go or who you will meet on your adventure - little green men in alien costumes perhaps? When you fall back down to earth, maybe you'll find a Jeannie in a bottle - just like Barbara Eden in the old television show. It doesn't matter what type of transportation you pick on Go For a Ride Day, just suit up, hop in and go!

By Todd Denning

What You Could and Should Wear to a Sock Hop

Sock hops are one of America's funnest things to do as we remember and relive the good old days. Whether you were invited or hosting, make sure that you get into the spirit of things by dressing up for the occasion. This helps to set the tone and really get things rolling.

There are many exciting and fun possibilities of what to wear to your next sock hop party. First of all you need to know what type of look you are going for. Do you want to be the classic good girl/boy or do you want to bring out the rebel within? Perhaps you want to pose as someone famous. There are lots of possibilities.

A classic look for the good girl is a poodle skirt with a sweater tied around the neck. Wear this with saddle shoe and bobby socks. A classic ponytail with a ribbon to match will top off this look.

The "good" boy look is quite simple to pull off, so if you don't have time or someone shows up without a costume you can do this one in minutes. You just need blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Roll the pants at the bottom and comb the hair back. If you are wanting to look athletic top this look off with a letter sweater or a letterman's jacket.

If you're going for the rebellious look at the sock hop, ladies, wear tight clothing and heavier makeup are what you need. Include a tight skirt and a button down blouse with at least two buttons undone. Bright red lipstick should be frequently applied.

For you bad boy wannabe's the greasers look is what you'll want. Wear a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a black leather jacket. Put a pack of cigarettes (or something resembling them) in your back pocket. Sunglasses are also a nice touch.

You could also be a car hop waitress if you'd like to be more mobile. Wear a short skirt and blouse. Make sure to wear some roller-skates and carry around a tray with food on it. You may want to glue these down to the tray if you're balance is in question.

Now if you are going for someone with a bit more profile you may want to consider dressing up as someone from the 50's. These could include Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. You could also dress up as someone from the recent movie hairspray or model your costume from the TV show Happy Days. Whatever you do make sure the have fun with it and enjoy yourself at the sock hop.

By JJ Storms