School Girl Costumes for Adults - Do You Have the Moxie To Wear This Costume on Halloween

School girl costumes for adults are definitely costumes that will make you stand out at your Halloween party this year. This tantalizing costume will likely be worn by those who have confidence and are self assured.

Not everyone will want to wear this type of costume. It takes a bit of courage to reveal so much.

These provocative, sexy costumes have been redesigned and updated to entice the imagination. Their popularity sky rocketed when Two and A Half Men ran an episode last year. Charlie and Alan's mother, Evelyn, answered her front door wearing a school girl costume. Needless to say the interpretation did not need any words.

This type of Halloween outfit or costume brings back memories of the early sixties and the days of catholic school and the catholic school uniform. White blouses with peter pan collars, wool pleated skirts and matching sweaters. White knee high socks and saddle oxford shoes finished off the uniform.

How it all evolved into the sexy school girl costumes of today is anybody's guess. But these costumes are very popular, maybe because it is hard to find a Halloween costume that allows a woman to be shapely and attractive. After all, dressing up as a clown or a witch is hardly a sexy outfit.

Naughty or nice, these school girl Halloween costumes are sure to be noticed at any Halloween function. If you are the bold and daring type this would be the costume you need to wear this Halloween. Depending on what look you are going for, there is a school girl Halloween costume for you. These preppie costumes come in a wide variety of sizes, so just about anyone can wear one.

Most of these Halloween costumes come complete with top and skirt. A few of these costumes are actually reversible, so you can have two outfits. Your accessories should include knee-high socks or tights with high heel Lady Jane shoes for the sexy look or saddle oxfords for the traditional look. Most costume shops online feature other accessories that you might want to purchase.

Try to complete your look by doing something fun with your hair style too. Try doing pony tails or pig tails tied up with bows. There are several videos online that can give you ideas on how to do your hair. Add rosy red cheeks and you will look the part of a school girl.

School girl costumes for adults will make your Halloween costume this year be one that everyone will remember.

By Barbara Maxwell