Cheerleader Costumes: Rah, Rah, Me!

The Queen of Halloween was never a cheerleader in high school, but she certainly has donned the short skirt and shook her pom-poms a time or two, believe it. Whether you were too shy in school, not interested or better yet, too busy on the sports field yourself, it's never too late to pull on cheerleader costumes and be your peppy best. So, grab your spirit, your best costume and of course pom-poms in your school colors and you are ready to go.

Cheerleader costumes can be a sweet way to remember your past or a hot way to raise your mate's er, ahem...spirit. The choice that you make will depend on where you are going, how many people are going to be there and of course you own confidence level. We know that the Queen of Halloween is quite confident in herself (ask about the Lady Godiva costume some time, if you dare.), but other ladies may not be so brave or bold. Make sure that you are going to be comfortable in your costume or you will not enjoy the party or event and you will ruin the mood for yourself and for everyone else. No matter what costume you are wearing, in fact, no matter what you are wearing at all, every day of the year, every month and every week- your best accessory, the best makeup and the best start is always your own sense of self pride and your beaming smile. Wear it proudly honey, it will make everything else look better.

The top of most cheerleader costumes is a sweater, typically with a school emblem, logo or letter on the front. To be authentic and for a little boost of sex appeal, make sure it is a little snugger than you would normally wear but not so tight that you look like it shrunk when it was put on. Wear your hair in ponytails and add in little ties, again in your school colors if you would like.

The bottom part of the cheerleader costume is the pleated skirt, usually in a fairly daring length. Some of the official ones have a fitted panty attached so that you are still covered when doing cartwheels and jumps. (Word of caution ladies, if you are over thirty and have not done a cartwheel in fifteen years or more, the cheerleader costume will not imbue special powers on you. Nothing says painful like a snapped wrist and a dejected, older cheerleader.) The best shoes are white athletic shoes, although saddle shoes look really cute as well. Wear charming knee socks and your cheerleader costume is ready to go.

By Christine A Shoemark