What You Could and Should Wear to a Sock Hop

Sock hops are one of America's funnest things to do as we remember and relive the good old days. Whether you were invited or hosting, make sure that you get into the spirit of things by dressing up for the occasion. This helps to set the tone and really get things rolling.

There are many exciting and fun possibilities of what to wear to your next sock hop party. First of all you need to know what type of look you are going for. Do you want to be the classic good girl/boy or do you want to bring out the rebel within? Perhaps you want to pose as someone famous. There are lots of possibilities.

A classic look for the good girl is a poodle skirt with a sweater tied around the neck. Wear this with saddle shoe and bobby socks. A classic ponytail with a ribbon to match will top off this look.

The "good" boy look is quite simple to pull off, so if you don't have time or someone shows up without a costume you can do this one in minutes. You just need blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Roll the pants at the bottom and comb the hair back. If you are wanting to look athletic top this look off with a letter sweater or a letterman's jacket.

If you're going for the rebellious look at the sock hop, ladies, wear tight clothing and heavier makeup are what you need. Include a tight skirt and a button down blouse with at least two buttons undone. Bright red lipstick should be frequently applied.

For you bad boy wannabe's the greasers look is what you'll want. Wear a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a black leather jacket. Put a pack of cigarettes (or something resembling them) in your back pocket. Sunglasses are also a nice touch.

You could also be a car hop waitress if you'd like to be more mobile. Wear a short skirt and blouse. Make sure to wear some roller-skates and carry around a tray with food on it. You may want to glue these down to the tray if you're balance is in question.

Now if you are going for someone with a bit more profile you may want to consider dressing up as someone from the 50's. These could include Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. You could also dress up as someone from the recent movie hairspray or model your costume from the TV show Happy Days. Whatever you do make sure the have fun with it and enjoy yourself at the sock hop.

By JJ Storms