Get Up and Go for a Ride in Costumes

For those who like to get things going, Go For a Ride Day happens every November 22nd. Whether you have a destination in mind or are just floating along with the breeze, this low stress holiday is great for the whole family. Take a car, take a bus, take a motorcycle, take a plane or any other means of conveyance on this special day of transportation. Plus, why not dress in a costume to match your chosen mode of movement?!

If you plan to ride on horseback, pick a cowboy costume and giddy-up and go. A pair of denim dungarees and a plaid western shirt makes a great start, then just add cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a bright red bandana. For a cute kid's costume, there are darling ride-on cowboy costumes that make the child look like he's riding a horse that's wrapped around his middle.

Cruise up to the hamburger drive-in in a big-finned convertible, top down and friends hanging out. Girls can dress up in poodle skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes while the boys can go rebel-style in motorcycle jackets and slicked back black hair. Go greased lightening, go - you'll be burning up the boulevard.

Boat riders have a several choices to make waves on Go For A Ride Day. Suit up in a Navy costume with the signature white deck pants, sailor shirt and cap or go as a "Jersey Shores" guy with spiky hair, a faux tan with painted on "abs" and gold chains. A fisherman costume, a water skier costume or a tacky tourist coming off a cruise ship all make other good costumes to wear on your boat ride.

If you're ready to blast off in a rocket, today's your day. An astronaut costume style just like the real ones at NASA will make any aspiring spaceman feel super. Who knows where you'll go or who you will meet on your adventure - little green men in alien costumes perhaps? When you fall back down to earth, maybe you'll find a Jeannie in a bottle - just like Barbara Eden in the old television show. It doesn't matter what type of transportation you pick on Go For a Ride Day, just suit up, hop in and go!

By Todd Denning