School Girls Fancy Dress Costumes - Suggestions For Adult Girls Costume

The school girl costume you choose will obviously depend on the venue. Cute or slightly sexy will work for a costume party but very naughty or triple X is best for a private Halloween celebration.

The Cheerleader

One of the most popular fancy dress costumes is the cheerleader. This costume is especially fun if wearer includes the accessories too like the pom poms or high school quarterback. The cheerleader costume can be from any era. In the 50s a poodle skirt, sweater and saddle shoes were the rage. In the 70s and 80s a pleated mini skirt and form fitting Lycra shirt or lightweight sweater were popular. Today a micro mini and tight midriff are all the rage.

The Girl Scout

Another celebration of days of yore is the Brownie and Girl Scout outfits. Of course there is the cute traditional dress cut slightly above the knee in either brown or green with a sash for the badges. Brownies wore a cute little beanie on their heads while Girl Scouts wore a green felt beret. The adult girls costume is quite a bit different from the genuine article. Many scout dress costumes today are cut ultra short and are ultra sexy. And some creative license has been taken on the design with plunging necklines and short tight tops. These outfits might be best for a private Halloween costume party.

The School Girl

The traditional school girl costume usually mimics a private or parochial school uniform. In most cases they consist of a plaid skirt, white blouse, white socks and black shoes. Of course the variations on this them can make the school girl costume quite cute or quite raunchy. To complete the costume, hair should be work in pig tails to give that youthful appearance. The school girl can also carry some school books, an apple for the teacher, or a back pack. Adding a pair of black rimmed glasses to the costume provides the "smart" look. The sexier school girl usually has a micro mini skirt, white stockings held up by garter belts and 6 inch heels while the more traditional school girl has a plaid skirt just above the knee, white ankle socks and black loafers. Whichever style you choose, it is sure to be a good time.

Selecting the Right Costume

If you have decided that you want to wear a school girl costume but cannot decide on what style to choose consider a few important factors. First of all follow your fantasy. Did you always want to be a cheerleader but never made the squad? Then consider fulfilling that fantasy and select the cheerleader costume. Do you want to look smart and sexy? Then the school girl costume is perfect for you! Or if you want to select an outfit that will probably be unique as you are, go for the Brownie or Girl Scout. Just remember to have fun wearing your costume.

A Halloween school girl outfit can be a fun choice for a full blown costume party or a quite Halloween celebration at home with your honey. There are many styles and themes to choose from. Just be sure to pick the right one for you and remember to have a happy Halloween.

By Shaillesh Patel

3 Secrets to Have Lightening Fast Elbows

Elbows is the most strongest weapon in your upper body. No weapon in your body can match it except the knee. Elbows are quick, effective and strong. If you come into full blows to the head with the elbow, it is most likely your opponent will not stand up or even speak. Muay Thai, Kick boxing or any martial arts view elbows as one of the most deadly attack you can get to your body. Here are 3 secrets how to get a quick and fast elbows like no person on earth!

1. Pushups with the elbows

Push ups to the elbow is one of the most simple but effective exercise you can do to get powerful quick elbows. When you do push ups, you are working the main muscles that drives elbows. That is, the shoulder blade or scapular muscles. All power of the elbow is originated in the shoulder blade and push ups is the most effective exercise to strengthen it. When you get strong and good at doing push ups with elbows, progress the exercise by adding weight to your body and do it as quickly as possible. Then progress to do it with one elbow.

2. Climbing

Quick climbing is one of the best ways to get quick, flexible and strong elbows. Climbing forces you to work your upper body and shoulder blades more harder. It requires a lot of flexibility and strength at different angles. So getting that elbow high at that chin is simple and easy if you had climbed a lot.

3. Freestyle Swimming

If you do freestyle swimming as quickly as you can, you can begin to notice that your elbows are more flexible and strong. This will correlate well with elbowing in martial arts. For instance, if you notice if you do an upper to lower height elbow, the movement is similar to freestyle swimming. That is when you push the water away.

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By Tito King

History of Women's Shoes For the Golf Course

It was the year 1940 when women's shoes were introduced in America by FootJoy. During those times the shoes looked like men's shoes and the women weren't over all too excited about wearing them. But they still wore them because they had no other choice. Compared to 1940, the women's shoes found in the market are more feminine to look at. Women of today are lucky that they have their own line of women's shoes to choose from rather than trying to fit in shoes that were made for men but just labeled as women's shoes to meet the demand existing at that time.

The evolution of women's shoes has come into an existence at a very rapid pace because a lot of women have stepped onto the golf course lately. Today the overall demand existing for shoes is around 5.76 million. Imagine such a large amount of ladies asking for high quality, comfortable and reliable pair of shoes. Another reason why there is such a huge demand for them is because the women who were on the golf course started complaining loudly that they did not like to walk in the leather golf shoes having metal spikes on them. They considered them to be very uncomfortable causing there delicate feet to itch. Today these shoes are available in rubber soles having unique leather uppers and the spikes are made out of plastic nubs. 1970 was the year in which women's shoes having rubber soles were introduced for the first time. Etonic in 1980 designed leather women's shoes that were water proof, they were a major hit in the market.

As years have passed more and more brands have come upfront and developed many unique styled shoes. Some of the popular designer brands launching innovative women's golf shoes are Adidas, Sandbaggers and Nike. Sandbaggers line of women's shoes were started by Joan Villani, she being a golfer herself very well understood the needs of a women on the golf ground. She made it an aim to take out women golf shoes that are comfortable. After a lot of hard work she designed Kiltie which was an instant hit. Today Sandbaggers is the first choice of the women looking for comfortable women's golf shoes.

The next best brand in the market is Adidas women golf shoes. The variety in Adidas is endless they offer a lot of designs from the basic looking women's golf shoes to stylish shoes. The cost of their shoes ranges $40 to $ 70.

The third brand in line is none other than Nike. Nike's popular women's golf shoes are SP-5 and SP LS. Both these product lines come in a variety of colors, giving the ladies a lot of choice to choose from. Their another popular design is the Verdana Blucher II Saddle golf shoe which is famous for the extreme comfort it gives to the ladies feet.

By Ambrose Chalmers

Grease Costumes Are Still Popular

Grease costumes are popular and fun. The Grease movie was one of the most popular musicals. Even now, people still dress in costumes from this movie. The movie was set in the 50s, and so you are actually dressing in 50s costumes.

Just getting into these costumes makes a person want to have as much fun as those characters in the Grease movie.

There are more choices for Sandy costumes, the innocent ones that she started off with at the beginning and those sassy ones later on. A pastel pink or blue full poodle skirt, with your hair tied in a pony tail worn with a matching chiffon scarf. Put on a pair of black and white saddle shoes and socks and you are set.

Or you may want to be naughty and don the slinky black capri pants and a black off-the-shoulder top. Match these with a black jacket and heeled shoes and you are ready for the night out.

Another of the Grease costumes for ladies will be the pink ladies jacket. Rizzo is another of the characters that many people also like to dress up as.

For the guys, who better than Danny in his black jacket with his white tee shirt and tight jeans. Important is to have your hair greased and with a duck tail. Make sure you carry a plastic comb with you to keep combing your hair in place.

Besides the Grease costumes, what is important is the attitude that you put into your walk or swagger as you move.

You can even get kids Grease costumes as they also enjoy the fun and dancing in the Grease movie. 

By Reina Raine

What Do The Popular Footwear Brands Keep In Mind While Manufacturing Black School Shoes?

Every school has a particular uniform. No school's uniform is similar to another school. The uniform thus varies from one school to another. Some school's have skirts and tops as their dress code for girls, some have tunics and tops as their dress codes for girls and some schools even have just simple dresses as their dress codes for girls. Now the question you may ask is how it would be possible to distinguish one dress from another when both are of same type. Here lies the importance of colours, designs and patterns through which one dress can be distinguished from another one. Although there is the difference in patterns in school dresses, there is no difference in school footwear. It is always the black school shoes with the same pattern that all school asks their pupils to wear.

Black school shoes are available in many shoe shops. This is a shoe that will always be in demand among students. It will never fade away from the footwear world. In fact, this is the reason why several brands manufacture school footwear for young ones. They very well know that they would have nothing to lose if they manufacture shoes. Young one's will surely come to their shop in search of school footwear and get for them a pair for their daily use.

The only thing that the footwear brands that manufacture school shoes for young ones keep in mind is to manufacture high quality items. The shoes are used for regular wear. Students usually run, walk and use them daily for going to school. Regular usage sometimes leads to wear and tear of the shoe and that makes the young one's parents buy the shoe again. This doesn't benefit the parents a lot. Parents of young one's always want shoes that would last for a long time and would not wear or tear out with regular usage. Reputed brands always make it a point to manufacture shoes using high quality materials so that it doesn't get damaged soon.

One more thing that any popular and reputed brand need to keep in mind while manufacturing black school shoes is the comfort level of the shoe. Children's feet are usually soft and so if they wear uncomfortable shoes, they might suffer from various health problems like back ache, feet pain etc.

Footwear brands manufacturing black school shoes also make it a point to make shoes of almost all sizes for children. Some children may have big size feet and some may have very small size while others may have standard size feet. If a young one comes to the shoe shop with her guardian and finds out that the shoe of her size is not available with that particular brand, she would definitely go for another brand.

You can find a number of online shoe shops that stock school footwear for both girls and boys. You just need to browse the Internet and find out a reputed online shop that would be able to provide you the shoe of your size that would fit you the best.

By Jimme Howard

Tips on Cleaning Leather Shoes

Since real leather shoes are costly, it makes sense to take good care of them and make them last. It is important to know the correct methods for cleaning; it will also help you in saving money, both in the short and long term. Read the instructions below to learn the correct way to clean leather shoes.

Is it time to clean yet? Make sure to clean your shoes at least monthly, if not weekly.
If you have been out in the mud and rain, immediately clean the shoes before the dirt can ruin the leather finish.

How to clean. Soft chamois is the best choice for using with leather cleansers. The best way to remove the dirt and mud from the leather is to dust it off with a clean shoe brush. Use a damp cloth and saddle soap to rub out scuffs and dirt clods. After applying leather lotion on your shoes evenly, you should then wipe the lotion off with a soft cloth or a chamois.

Appropriate storage. Storing leather shoes properly is the best way to prolong their life, as well as make them easier to clean and maintain. There are various options, such as a closet shelving system or a shoe hanger that hangs on the closet door. To allow the leather shoes to maintain their shape and avoid odors, you can use shoe trees.

Making the leather shoes gleam. You should polish leather footwear on a regular basis to maintain that sleek, like-new look. Most retail shoe shops will sell any color shoe polish that you need for your shoes. Put shoe polish smoothly over the leather using a soft cloth or a brush, then wipe away the polish with another piece of cloth or the brush. Finally, rub the leather with a clean cloth, until the leather has a shiny appearance. Do this on weekends at home, rather than pay a shoe repairer.

Cleansing various sorts of leather. Rippled, nubuck or suede leathers are a different story in regards to cleaning. To clean up different types of leather, specialist cleaners are available with appropriate equipment and materials.

Purchasing cleaners and additional material. Retail shoe stores carry the cleaners, lotions, polishes, and equipment necessary to clean and maintain leather. Pharmacist or chemist shops may also stock these items. The best online sites for purchasing cleaning supplies are Timpson, Johnston & Murphy, and The Shoe Shine Kit.

The care and cleaning methods that are listed above will help to keep all of your leather shoes looking clean and shiny. When you meet new people, a good pair of shoes always compliments your attire and helps the overall impression you make. You'll be saving money too by regularly taking care of your shoe upkeep since they will last longer!

By Jacquie Generra

Caring for Your Vintage Shoe Collection

Once you've purchased your vintage shoes, it's important to know how to care for and display these new treasures. First, be sure to know what decade your shoes were made, as the older the shoe (1930s-1960s) the more likely the rubber and glue used in construction can become brittle and lose its adhesiveness. To be sure your vintage shoes are at their best, look for cracks or crumbling in the rubber heels or soles. These heels are easily replaceable at any shoe repair shop. Be sure to do this quickly as the rubber will only continue to crumble over time.

A less likely problem to be fixed can be found in the glue sometimes used to keep the sole of a shoe attached to its upper. To check for this problem, bend the sole to check for cracking or shifting. If you notice the adhesive on your vintage shoe is drying away or becoming brittle, this can be easily fixed with shoe repair glue. Do not use craft glue as it is not strong enough for use on shoes. Leather shoes can lose their moisture as they age, leading to tearing. To avoid this problem, use saddle soap to keep your leather shoes moist.

To remove excess moisture from leather shoes, place newspaper in the shoes. As the leather dries, buff out any moisture lines with a soft cloth. Lastly, vintage fabric shoes are most likely to show damage and fraying. To stop these frays in their tracks, use a product called Fray-Check which will stop the damage from continuing.

Beyond caring for the exterior of the shoes, it is important to be able to be comfortable. Walk around inside in your shoes before taking them to the streets. Get comfortable in them and see if there is anything you need to replace or enhance. One thing that can make your shoes more comfortable and extend their life is a foam insert, which will give more support to a possibly worn down heel as well as freshen the interior of the shoe.

If your vintage collection is more for admiration than daily use, there are numerous creative ways to display your treasures. The vintage shoe devotee can use bookshelves, shadow boxes or even racks to display their finds. If your shoes are particularly old and/or costly it is important to keep them as safe as possible and away from any pollutants such as dust and sunlight. The best way to do this is through the use of a glass curio cabinet. In this way, you can display your beautiful shoe collection, while keeping them away from clumsy hands as well as dirt and dust.

By Mike Alvarez