3 Secrets to Have Lightening Fast Elbows

Elbows is the most strongest weapon in your upper body. No weapon in your body can match it except the knee. Elbows are quick, effective and strong. If you come into full blows to the head with the elbow, it is most likely your opponent will not stand up or even speak. Muay Thai, Kick boxing or any martial arts view elbows as one of the most deadly attack you can get to your body. Here are 3 secrets how to get a quick and fast elbows like no person on earth!

1. Pushups with the elbows

Push ups to the elbow is one of the most simple but effective exercise you can do to get powerful quick elbows. When you do push ups, you are working the main muscles that drives elbows. That is, the shoulder blade or scapular muscles. All power of the elbow is originated in the shoulder blade and push ups is the most effective exercise to strengthen it. When you get strong and good at doing push ups with elbows, progress the exercise by adding weight to your body and do it as quickly as possible. Then progress to do it with one elbow.

2. Climbing

Quick climbing is one of the best ways to get quick, flexible and strong elbows. Climbing forces you to work your upper body and shoulder blades more harder. It requires a lot of flexibility and strength at different angles. So getting that elbow high at that chin is simple and easy if you had climbed a lot.

3. Freestyle Swimming

If you do freestyle swimming as quickly as you can, you can begin to notice that your elbows are more flexible and strong. This will correlate well with elbowing in martial arts. For instance, if you notice if you do an upper to lower height elbow, the movement is similar to freestyle swimming. That is when you push the water away.

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By Tito King