Tips on Cleaning Leather Shoes

Since real leather shoes are costly, it makes sense to take good care of them and make them last. It is important to know the correct methods for cleaning; it will also help you in saving money, both in the short and long term. Read the instructions below to learn the correct way to clean leather shoes.

Is it time to clean yet? Make sure to clean your shoes at least monthly, if not weekly.
If you have been out in the mud and rain, immediately clean the shoes before the dirt can ruin the leather finish.

How to clean. Soft chamois is the best choice for using with leather cleansers. The best way to remove the dirt and mud from the leather is to dust it off with a clean shoe brush. Use a damp cloth and saddle soap to rub out scuffs and dirt clods. After applying leather lotion on your shoes evenly, you should then wipe the lotion off with a soft cloth or a chamois.

Appropriate storage. Storing leather shoes properly is the best way to prolong their life, as well as make them easier to clean and maintain. There are various options, such as a closet shelving system or a shoe hanger that hangs on the closet door. To allow the leather shoes to maintain their shape and avoid odors, you can use shoe trees.

Making the leather shoes gleam. You should polish leather footwear on a regular basis to maintain that sleek, like-new look. Most retail shoe shops will sell any color shoe polish that you need for your shoes. Put shoe polish smoothly over the leather using a soft cloth or a brush, then wipe away the polish with another piece of cloth or the brush. Finally, rub the leather with a clean cloth, until the leather has a shiny appearance. Do this on weekends at home, rather than pay a shoe repairer.

Cleansing various sorts of leather. Rippled, nubuck or suede leathers are a different story in regards to cleaning. To clean up different types of leather, specialist cleaners are available with appropriate equipment and materials.

Purchasing cleaners and additional material. Retail shoe stores carry the cleaners, lotions, polishes, and equipment necessary to clean and maintain leather. Pharmacist or chemist shops may also stock these items. The best online sites for purchasing cleaning supplies are Timpson, Johnston & Murphy, and The Shoe Shine Kit.

The care and cleaning methods that are listed above will help to keep all of your leather shoes looking clean and shiny. When you meet new people, a good pair of shoes always compliments your attire and helps the overall impression you make. You'll be saving money too by regularly taking care of your shoe upkeep since they will last longer!

By Jacquie Generra