Grease Costumes Are Still Popular

Grease costumes are popular and fun. The Grease movie was one of the most popular musicals. Even now, people still dress in costumes from this movie. The movie was set in the 50s, and so you are actually dressing in 50s costumes.

Just getting into these costumes makes a person want to have as much fun as those characters in the Grease movie.

There are more choices for Sandy costumes, the innocent ones that she started off with at the beginning and those sassy ones later on. A pastel pink or blue full poodle skirt, with your hair tied in a pony tail worn with a matching chiffon scarf. Put on a pair of black and white saddle shoes and socks and you are set.

Or you may want to be naughty and don the slinky black capri pants and a black off-the-shoulder top. Match these with a black jacket and heeled shoes and you are ready for the night out.

Another of the Grease costumes for ladies will be the pink ladies jacket. Rizzo is another of the characters that many people also like to dress up as.

For the guys, who better than Danny in his black jacket with his white tee shirt and tight jeans. Important is to have your hair greased and with a duck tail. Make sure you carry a plastic comb with you to keep combing your hair in place.

Besides the Grease costumes, what is important is the attitude that you put into your walk or swagger as you move.

You can even get kids Grease costumes as they also enjoy the fun and dancing in the Grease movie. 

By Reina Raine