Style Options For Women's Golf Shoes

In the past, the choices one had to decide between for golf shoes, particularly women's golf shoes, were not that plentiful. There were one or two styles, just slightly different from one another, and size. Metal spikes were fairly standard (although flat bottom, smooth shoes are also available). But the appearance did not give much to be excited about.

Now, though, the shoe industry has finally caught up with demand, and there are a LOT of choices between shoe style, both visually and in terms of construction. One of the first choices is whether you want spikes or not. If you do, chances are you will be going with rubber or plastic spikes, since the traditional metal spikes have generally fallen out of fashion (and are banned from many golf courses both in the U.S. and Europe).

Next you will want to decide what design you are going for. Many women's golf shoes take the traditional styles and adapt them with a slightly more feminine, but still delightfully classic (and classy) appearance. Saddle shoe style golf shoes are a great example of this, boasting the timeless black and white (or brown and white or even more colors) in a way that still has modern appeal.

Or you can go with wing-tip golf shoes. This is sophisticated and elegant, while still plenty capable. There are modern wing-tip styles as well as more traditional, old-fashioned inspired types. Whatever style you are looking for is probably an option.

However, there are plenty of women's golf shoes that are even more modern than just an updated saddle shoe. With a wealth of natural and synthetic materials to choose from, these shoes have really come a long way.

For example, you can easily get shoes that look more athletic or casual yet still provide the essential features you want in a golfing shoe. Canvas or leather (suede or otherwise) are great options, and these often include the rubber spikes that make golfing easier, without sacrificing modern and independent style choices.

However, as important as style is, it's also good to note that many golf courses outlaw athletic or 'street' shoes. This may make you want to choose women's golfing shoes that maintain some of the traditional appearances (such as saddle shoes, mentioned above). Just because your shoes have golf spikes and are worn only for golf, this does not mean that others may not doubt them based on appearance. This is a hassle that is simply not worth it.

And finally, don't forget comfort. Style isn't everything. You deserve women's golf shoes that are comfortable and supportive. They should fit snugly but not too tight, and should not rub or irritate your skin. It's important to look good and feel good on the course, but you won't feel good if you're sporting blisters.

By Kate Marsala